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To ensure our customers receive a consistent bed linen hire range we have built up very good relationships with all our textile and fabric suppliers. Our suppliers are vetted prior to approval which will often include detailed audit visits to factories worldwide to ensure our potential rental products are totally suitable and sustainable. We always ensure that our new products are up to the required standards through strict sampling, this guarantees that no substandard items are able to contaminate our pool of either bespoke or standard stocks.

Our bed linen hire pool consists of 12 basic product lines which range from the very affordable entry level products to the high specification bespoke items for the more discerning establishment.

Although the vast majority of our pool is standardised we do have access to an extensive selection of the highest quality ’boutique’ bed linen items. All our range is laundered to a consistently high standard ensuring total satisfaction at all aspects of our service. In order that our process qualities can be sustained at high levels, we regularly invite external technical auditors to assess our operations and constantly fine tune any required operational corrections.

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