Why Linens Should be Cleaned Through a Commercial Laundry

All establishments require commercial laundry services for their daily operations in Manchester. Hotels form the largest chunk of such establishments, with each department having its own uniforms. Unless clothes here are cleaned regularly, they will pile up and then become very difficult to clean at a single time. Apart from the personnel themselves, laundry also includes linen on tables and in other areas. Therefore, it is beneficial to tie up with a company that provides laundry Manchester services.

Organized Laundry Management

Top vendors for commercial laundry in Manchester will have an efficient system in place to record the linen that enters and exits the premises. In certain cases, the urgency of operations may require declared amounts of soiled linen to be immediately replaced by clean linen. High quality software is used for maintaining records and cleaning agents are also certified as per industry standards.

It makes sense to outsource commercial laundry services than try to give them to in-house housekeeping departments. In the latter case, the stress of meeting deadlines and the costs may be a lot to justify. On the other hand, a specialized company dedicated to commercial laundry will be able to complete the same task easily.

Various Washing Techniques

Well trained cleaning professionals use different types of washing and drying methods for commercial laundry. At the same time, it is very important for them to make sure that linen textures stay intact. Whatever be the case, their experience will ensure that their clients are able to trust them with the clothes.

Latest Laundry Technology

The best commercial laundry companies in Manchester make use of the latest technology, which includes RFID or Radio Frequency Identification, necessary for source tagging. This ensures that the linen items are tracked easily, to prevent any loss. The companies also make use of numerous software-based management systems. A variety of pressing machines, dryers, and industrial-size washers are able to wash huge amounts of linen within a short period of time.

Environment-friendly Laundry Technologies

For long term business in the laundry field, it is wisest for a company treating commercial linen to use sustainable technologies. There may be damages when detergents are combined with harsh chemicals, and so companies must ensure that they use sustainable chemicals. Some of these eco-friendly laundry technologies have been mentioned below:

  • Energy-efficient lighting for the laundry space
  • Use of Nonylphenol Ehoxylates (NPE)-free detergents

Apart from the above, laundry companies should get energy audits done every three years.

Protection Against Covid-19

At present, considering the escalating cases of Covid-19 all across the world, it makes sense to get commercial laundry services in a contactless manner. The new rule indicates that laundry must not be directly handed over to the hotel housekeeping staff but be kept in a safe area. This process is known as contactless delivery, and is being followed for other items as well.

Companies providing laundry services will constantly have to send updates about the clothes under process till they are delivered. All the major laundry companies give a lot of importance to hygiene and sanitation by exercising all the necessary precautions.

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