The Appeal In Commercial Tablecloth

Tablecloths make a world of difference no matter if you own a hotel or restaurant. If you are wondering what makes tablecloth so important to your business, even if you aren’t planning a formal event, there is much we can show you in regards to why table cloth is important and what kind is most beneficial.

Tablecloth And Its Looks

A white cloth on each table adds a touch of elegance to each area of the room. Many often see table cloth as a piece of formal décor, but it’s actually very versatile. Even if you don’t have a dining area or conference room centered around luxury, white table cloth goes well in any type of setting. No matter what kind of business you run, what kinds of customers you cater to, or what pre-existing décor your spaces have, white table cloth is a safe choice for hotels and restaurants.

If you have a vision of what kind of mood or theme you want to set with the new tablecloth, you can forgo white and select another color. If you still want a tablecloth that can make for a relaxing environment, there are neutral colors to consider like black, mocha, maroon, silver, and midnight blue. These colors, even under dim and warm lighting, will still look very appealing. If you intend to match other décor in the room, colors like purple, green, pink, red, yellow and light blue are considerable. A colored table cloth can even be used to help with branding, which especially works for hotels.

There are typically three different shapes to tablecloth in order to fit around three shapes of tables: Rectangular, square, and round. This type of table cloth also varies in different sizes. The longest table cloth suitable for a table drapes all the way down to the floor, which gives off a fancy appearance. Though if you’d like something more general purpose, many cloth options are much shorter, with the edges hanging about a half-meter or more from the floor, allowing guests more legroom. Even if you have tables of varied sizes and shapes, your restaurant laundry service can provide you with the right set of cloth for your area.

Which Material Should You Choose?

There are many tablecloth materials to consider, with our three most recommended being polyester, lycra, and velvet, as these are all materials that can easily be cleaned and look brand-new once they are professionally washed and laundered.

Polyester is a very popular cloth choice for its versatility, as it can blend in nicely with any aesthetic and comes in any color option. Polyester also happens to be very durable, so even as it works to serve hundreds of guests over the years, it can still do its job to serve the next.

Lycra is a stretchy material that is very similar to polyester with its smooth feel. The elasticity of lycra, however, allows it to be made to fit certain tables like a glove. This allows the cloth to have extra security so it doesn’t fall off or look uneven on tables. This can also make it easy for your staff if they’re tasked to replace the table cloth.

Velvet is the classy, fuzzy cloth material that arguably feels better than polyester or lycra, though it’s not as versatile as it’s most suitable for luxurious and sophisticated settings. Still, if your hotel or restaurant plans formal parties or events, it’s not a bad idea to keep this cloth around should you wish to make a change for the party hosting it.

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