The Linen Group Hessian Range 

The Linen Group (TLG) have a full range of hessian options from napkins to table runners, all of which can be explored in our online catalogue of table linen.

A drawback of using 100% hessian is that it feels very rough to touch and certain items such as napkins are not practical to use and are therefore for decoration purposes only.  TLG have worked with our suppliers to develop a hessian: polyester range that looks the part and is soft enough to be used.

The Linen Group Hessian Range:

Hessian Napkins 40cm x 40cm
Square Tablecloths 70” x 70” 90” X 90”
Rectangle Tablecloths 70” x 108” 70” x 144”
Round Tablecloths 120” 130”
Runners 12” x 104”

Linen Inspiration

Our runners can double as chair sashes which bring a unique elegance to your event

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The contrast of rustic hessian paired with elegant crisp white table linen brings a polished thoughtful finish to any event.

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Hessian works beautifully with bright sunshine yellow, to achieve this look you could use our yellow napkins

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