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Do you need a reliable Commercial Laundry service?                                                                          . . . speak to The Linen Group Manchester’s first Smart laundry service.


In 1987, Karl and Tina Saleem started ‘The Linen Group’ a laundry service in Manchester.  Together they created the company ethos of hard work, low pricing and reliability. It is these standards that contributed to their success.  Tarik, their son, left school and started to work in the business. He learnt every aspect of working in a commercial laundry; from the washing machines and ironer, to driving and deliveries.

Appointed Managing Director in 2008, Tarik had aspirations to grow The Linen Group to be the number one laundry service in Manchester.  It was clear to Tarik that innovation was the key to transforming The Linen Group’s operations.

The first investment; Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

RFID chips are installed in each of The Linen Group’s 569,957 items.  RFID chip holds data showing the whereabouts of the item in the laundering process.  It is because of this data that we can readily answer questions such as: is the item lost? stuck at a customer’s site? out for delivery? Because of this RFID gives transparency to the laundry process.  This can help  analyse workflow and develop the most efficient service for its customers.  This technology is a true ‘market disruptor’ and has improved every aspect of The Linen Group’s laundry service.

The Linen Group has grown 507% in three years.  In 2017 The Linen Group serviced 570 rooms, in 2019 we serviced 2895 rooms. This growth is organic, purely through customer recommendation.  This is a testament to the highly efficient, high-quality laundry service that we provide. Something we are very proud of.

The second investment: Batchwashers.

These batch washers are highly resource-efficient, meaning that The Linen Group saves costs on overheads and can pass these savings on to our customers. Batch washers have a positive environmental impact; reducing water wastage and reducing the amount of chemicals needed. The design on the washer has changed good-bye ‘knob and dial’ and hello screens! Our washing options aren’t limited to the dial, more screen space means more intelligent wash options.

The third investment: Intelligent Delivery app.

The Linen Group plots the most efficient route for deliveries and tracks them in real time.  This means reduced emissions, improving our carbon footprint. Linen is completely trackable and customers are informed at every stage of the process.

If you are looking for a Laundry service in Manchester. Appreciate the core values of reliability and fair pricing. Are concerned about the environment. Want to work with a mark disrupter.  Please call 0161 428 8099 and ask for Tarik.

Transform your 2020 Linen Service for the better.

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