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Located in the heart of Manchester, Yang Sing, established since 1977, is a popular large family restaurant serving traditional Chinese dishes some with a modern twist. They also offer cooking classes, cater for meetings/ conferences and special occasions.

Before working alongside TLG, the restaurant was experienced late deliveries of their linen orders which  caused a great inconvenience. With being such a busy restaurant and catering for special occasions, they needed a linen company that could guarantee a reliable delivery every week to make sure the restaurant was set up in a suitable amount of time before opening or before special events took place. TLG are based close to Manchester Airport with their own fleet of delivery drivers. Having their own on-sight delivery drivers ensures reliable delivery every week.  Yang Sing have set delivery days so they know when to expect a delivery of fresh linen.

Yang Sing also experienced a lot of stock shortages upon delivery. With TLG being one of the first linen companies to use RFID technology, it allows the staff packing the linen orders to accurately pack the correct amount of linen. When packing orders, the linen is scanned using the RFID tag, which is stitched into every piece of linen, allowing the computer to precisely count the linen before being sent to the customer. The driver will also double check the order as it is packed into the delivery van and taken to the restaurant with a delivery note of what items have been delivered. The linen will also be scanned back into the system upon return ready to be washed and ironed to be sent back to the restaurant for use again. This also allows the staff to check for any damages or missing items which TLG can then inform Yang Sing.


“Fantastic company to work alongside, very reliable”

“ So helpful with any queries we have like needing extra stock for events”

“ Great linen, great staff, great delivery, what more could we ask for? Very happy”

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