5 Safe Colours to Consider for Tablecloth (That Aren’t White)

White is often a safe colour choice for commercial tablecloth for many reasons. It’s elegant, it goes with any theme, it’s compatible with any other colour in the room, and it’s very easy on the eyes.

Though if you are managing a restaurant or hotel with dining tables, white may not be the direction you want to go in, and that’s okay. Not every establishment is the same, and oftentimes, a change in the table’s appearance can be a good thing for the atmosphere, branding, and more. Though, you may be looking for a colour that’s just as acceptable for any sort of eating space; just not plain old white. Fortunately, there are a number of other colours to consider when you choose a polyester cloth from your hotel linen laundry service.

Here are our recommendations for table cloth colours that aren’t white.


Ivory is a light-tan or off-white selection if you’re looking for a more relaxing, creamier kind of white for tablecloth. Ivory is a great choice for any kind of establishment due to how it doesn’t change colour under warm lighting. When soft, yellow lights are on, or are dim, the cloth helps create a relaxing atmosphere for guests to wind down, enjoy meals, and have a cheerful time in your eating area. To top it off, ivory is a neutral colour that goes well with any other colour you might have for walls, flooring, or décor.

Royal Blue

A very rich, appealing shade of blue, royal blue is a popular colour in general, but it’s another neutral colour. Unlike ivory, however, royal blue comes in a medium-dark shade that creates high contrast with anything light in colour. Royal blue is great for hotel branding, and it’s also a suitable colour for an upscale establishment that wants a personality of its own. What’s more, it’s also another colour that can help guests relax, as it comes in a warm colour temperature.


The darkest colour is a very bold choice for tablecloth, but in many instances, it works very well to impress guests, whether you are aiming for a formal or casual setting. Black is a colour often used for modern décor, as its versatility allows it to really pop along with light or pale colours. What businesses especially love about black tablecloth is its ability to hide food and water stains, so the area always looks clean. Whether you want something chic and fancy or just something that stands out, you can’t go wrong with black tablecloth.


Another striking shade of blue, aqua is a medium shade of blue with a slightly green tint. This colour is a great branding option for modern businesses and is one that both men and women enjoy seeing. For seafood restaurants, this is a great colour to use for tablecloth as it fits perfectly with the nautical theme and ties in with all the brown and tan décor.


Brown isn’t often a colour you find for tablecloth, but when used for restaurant décor, it works beautifully, especially with tan. Mocha is a warm, appetising colour that makes guests crave food or coffee once they sit by it. Additionally, brown is the colour of comfort, so using a mocha cloth can work to help guests relax and enjoy themselves.


Should you want a set of tablecloth for your hotel or restaurant other than white, there are many great alternatives to consider that work very well in most settings and come with personality to make for a pleasant dining space.

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