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How will the values be used?

Our values are a key part of everything that we do as an organisation, from being included in staff tasks,
through to our work with clients and suppliers.

Our values are;
1. Go the extra mile
2. Take pride in what we do
3. Respect others
4. Strive to be the best
5. Act with integrity

Ways of demonstrating our values are:

1. Go the extra mile
> Every client has equal importance
> Treat client items with care
> Judging every issue by considering the outcome for clients
> Giving priority to actions that will improve client service
> Listening to and acting on service suggestions from clients

2. Taking pride in what we do
> Leading by example
> Promote confidence in our team
> Recognising and rewarding achievement
> Valuing our workplace
> Celebrating success
> Learning from experience

3. Respecting others
> Showing commitment to working together
> Contributing to effective teamwork
> Supporting and collaborating with colleagues
> Engaging with and supporting our local charities

4. Striving to be the best
> Constantly seeking to improve quality and efficiency
> Eradicating waste of resources, time and effort
> Seeing change as an opportunity rather than a problem
> Challenging the status quo
> Tenacity in achieving goals
> Resilience in the face of setbacks

5. Acting with integrity
> Maintaining the highest standards of behaviour and accountability
> Openness and honesty in communication
> Working to ethical principles
> Respecting confidentiality
> Doing the right thing for the right reasons
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