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The Linen Group (TLG Linen Services) was previously known as Air Linen Laundry as a family business in 1987 in South Manchester. The company focused on servicing the linen needs of airlines operating from Manchester Airport and the success of this service led to diversify by providing solutions for the leisure industry.

The company expanded through a number of key acquisitions and in 1994 the company was rebranded as The Linen Group, with a view to offer solutions to the hospitality, leisure and events industry.

Due to the success of this expansion, in 2007 The Linen Group introduced further investment which increased the delivery fleet and laundry output. The Linen Group was now able to offer a nationwide service to its clients.

In 2008 we introduced a Water Recovery System that enabled the company to reduce water consumption by as much as 70%.

In 2008, The Linen Group launched a speciality linen hire range available to the hospitality industry.

In 2011, saw the introduction of eco-friendly washing machines that reduce water usage a further 10%.
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