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Floor protection is important in your business, not only for image but for safety and maintenance of various areas. Front of house and reception areas require mats to protect against damage both to the floor itself and to employees and customers. At The Linen Group, we understand that you want to protect your business.

We provide our customers with the very best in commercial mat cleaning services to ensure that your mats continue to look good and perform well.

We have a wide range of products and each style of mat that we offer has non-slip backing and the highest level of dust retention in the industry. This helps you to keep your entryways and other areas clean which is essential in creating a good first impression.

Once your mats have been installed we will continue to maintain them to the highest level of quality every week as long as your contract is valid. Our mat cleaning solutions will ensure that your customers or clients will get a wonderful impression of your front of house or reception areas. We can meet a variety of needs and work to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied in everything that we do.

Our mats make all the difference in safety and cleanliness. We invite you to take a look at the products that we offer and see the difference that one of our mats can make when it comes to keeping your business areas safe and clean.

Feel free to look at our vast selection of mats today. If you require assistance our knowledgeable staff is more than glad to help you with any need that you may have. The Linen Group is happy to help you to make that all-important first impression on your guests and to keep your employees and customers safe.

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